Nations going to Brazil

Authored By Jamie Farrington
We all hoped the impossible could happen, but the reality is our All Whites (in their current state) were never going to be good enough to beat Mexico over 180 minutes of football. NZ Football are now left with some big calls to make.....but hey that's another story!
With Uruguay holding off Jordan in another play-off match - we are now all set with the 32 nations now qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.
Football followers must now wait until 6th December for the announcement of tournament groups/draw. As with all World Cups - we look forward to seeing the 'group of death', and of course how will the traditional powerhouses will be placed. 
This is the second time that Brazil will host the World Cup - the first back in 1950. It is also the first time that the tournament has been back in South America since 1978 - (yeah a while in between drinks!). With this in mind, you would like to think that the likes of Brazil, Argentina or even Uruguay will be coming into the tournament as hot favourites. 
We won't be there this time - but a World Cup in Brazil will still whet the appetite of football followers up and down the country. Like you, we can't wait!!

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