Crisis.....what crisis?

Authored By Jamie Farrington

Crisis, what crisis?

After another midweek round of English Premier League football, who’s turn is it to be in the firing line?

For 80 minutes AVB (Andre Villas-Boas) was staring down the barrel of yet another grilling from the media. Many of whom see his overuse and misunderstanding of basic English as a reason to belittle him. Thankfully for him, up stepped Lewis Holtby to seal a come from behind victory over Fulham and keep AVB off the back pages at least for another 72 hours.

This week it was Man Utd’s David Moyes turn to suffer at the hands of the press as well as the travelling Everton support who gave him a verbal bashing for much of the 90 minutes.

We’ve always struggled to understand how (when Moyes had already agreed to leave Everton and take over from Fergie), he was allowed to keep managing the Toffees until the end of the season.  He then returns to nab arguably their best player in Marouane Fellaini and do his best to get Leighton Baines. We were told that most Everton fans still hold him in high regard. Judging by Wednesday night’s reception this doesn’t appear to be the case does it?

Somehow, Moyes is afforded a more lenient time than AVB. This whilst United trail Arsenal by 12 points and are 3 places behind Spurs.

In his 15 year managerial career, Moyes has won a single Division 2 title whilst at Preston, whilst the 5 season ‘veteran’ AVB can point to both domestic and European success at Porto.

The January sales can’t come quick enough for United. The thought of not only missing out on a 21st league title, but more importantly finishing outside the top 4 is becoming a distinct possibility....


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