The case for Luiz Suarez

Authored By Jamie Farrington

In 2016 Luis Suarez current Liverpool contract will expire. Now that seems a long way away, but much can and will happen before that date.

At the moment Suarez has never been in better form. His recent double against Totttenham took his tally to 17 for the season. He is without a doubt the form striker of the season and one of the most admired and sought after players in Europe.

He will not leave in January. He will see out the season and all Liverpool supporters will be praying that Liverpool continue its top form and make it in to the Champions League. If that happens he will no doubt be persuaded to sign a contract extension and remain at Anfield for the foreseeable future.

That however, as all supporters of Liverpool and likewise Tottenham know, is a lot easier said than done.

For all Premier League clubs, Champions league football is the 'Holy Grail'. Make it and the rewards are huge. The payday is in itself a life saver and enables you to compete on an even footing with most of the big boys of world football. It also undoubtedly helps in retaining your best players.

It's every top players dream and some see it as a divine right to play in Europe. Forget the Europa League. That’s a second rate competition for clubs who aren’t good enough to sit at the top table. If you win it - great, otherwise it’s a waste of space.

If Liverpool miss out, (and their stuttering inconsistency so often their Achilles heel in recent years has still not been overcome), then Suarez will be off.

If he maintains his form and there’s absolutely no evidence of that not happening, then he will surely become the world’s most valuable player.

If Gareth Bale can command a $100 million plus fee on the back of one great season, then any Suarez deal will be worth a lot more than that.

Can he be persuaded to stay for yet another season of non-Champions league football? Surely a man of his talent deserves better.

A terrible human being he may well be, but a genius with a football he undoubtedly is. If Brendon Rogers (assuming he’s still at the helm) and JW Henry can persuade him to stay on for yet another shot at the title then it will be one of the most remarkable feats of diplomacy ever witnessed. Would you take $150 million? As AVB has found out in recent days, by the time the rebuild bears fruit, you may well be out of a job.

For Suarez and Liverpool in particular this is a watershed season.

Cometh the hour, Cometh the man. Cometh the millions!!

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