Authored By Jamie Farrington

Meet Shane Boyle.

A kiwi lad who now calls Melbourne home is embarking on a project that will bring the two things close to his heart - football, music and how these two elements impact on the cultural fabric of a country. 

What is the project you ask? Well Shane and his crew are jetting off to Europe to film a doco that will explore football, music and culture. The journey includes destinations such as Newcastle, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Barcelona. Yep, it's not all bad for Shane and the lads. 

The team hope to unveil a bunch of stuff. Why do people get drawn into these worlds? What is their history? What behaviours and attitudes come out through the music and how does this contradict or align with what happens in the unpredictable world of football? And how do behaviours, links or divides differ from culture to culture?

Pretty cool huh? 

Being football people, we are pretty keen to see this dream of Shane's become a reality.

Help make this happen by getting along to the FOOTBALL.MUSIC.CULTURE fundraising page and making a pledge!

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