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Caring for your GK Gloves

Before you wear your gloves for their first time, rinse them thoroughly in warm water and dry overnight wrapped in an old towel. This wash will kick start the latex. It will take two or three wash and wears before you realise the full adhesive properties of the latex.

All GK gloves works best when not overly dry or wet. If the playing surface is dry it is best to have your gloves slightly ‘damp’ or ‘tacky’ wet. NOT fully wet.

If the playing surface is wet then keep an old towel in the goal net and try and squeeze as much excess moisture from the gloves as possible during breaks in play.

Washing your Gloves

Dirt and sweat break down the latex of the glove. Left unwashed, the dirt dries and acts as sandpaper turning the soft, tacky, porous latex into a hard crusty surface. The toxins in your sweat also cause the fabric to rot and smell. Rinsing the gloves after a game in the shower will help accelerate the cleaning process. If you then follow the steps below, you will elongate the life and performance handling properties of the gloves significantly.

  1. Soak your gloves in a sink or bucket of lukewarm water. A small amount of mild detergent or glove wash can be used to help break down the dirt and odours lodged in the pores of the latex.
  2. After about half an hour you can begin to massage the dirt out of the pressure points of the gloves. Fingertips, base of the palm and palm pads.
  3. Use a soft sponge if available, but nothing abrasive. Lots of squeezing helps push the water through the latex and loosen the dirt. You will notice the latex come back to white.
  4. When you are happy that you have removed most of the dirt and stains, squeeze them out and put aside. Over time the stains will become harder to remove, simply by repeated wear. Regular cleaning will help dramatically retain the adhesive properties of the latex.
  5. Change the dirty water to lukewarm clean water and rinse thoroughly by repeated squeezing of the gloves in your hands in the water. (DO NOT twist and wring out the gloves. The latex is soft and will tear if stretched improperly)
  6. When you’re happy the detergent has been removed, repeatedly squeeze the water out of the gloves as if you were squeezing out a sponge.
  7. Lay the gloves side by side flat on an old towel and fold over or roll into a parcel. The gloves can be left in this towel in your kit bag to slowly dry.
  8. Your gloves will be ready to wear the next day and keep damp for a few days. If you leave them for a prolonged period, a quick soak in lukewarm water the night before the game and an overnight dry in the towel will have them game ready.

NOTE: Never accelerate the drying process with dryers, the sun, or dehumidifiers. This will take the natural moisture out of the gloves causing them to be dry and brittle.


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