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Prolonging the Life of your Boots

Thanks for your recent footwear purchase at Football Central. We sincerely hope you enjoy wearing them!


Football boots are becoming increasingly specialised, and are now manufactured for specific surface types. We sell our boots according to the manufacturers’ specifications for the surface they’re designed for – soft ground or “SG”, firm ground or “FG” and “AG” or artificial ground. SG and FG are intended for use on natural grass surfaces – surprisingly enough, soft and firm surfaces respectively. Turf or AG class boots are specifically designed for artificial surfaces.

These artificial surfaces are a new phenomenon in New Zealand and in recent history they have proven to be much harsher on boots than natural grass. Wearing the wrong class of boot for the surface that you are playing on probably won’t end well for the boot. As such, we are not able to accept returns of boots if you have not followed the instructions and have used them on the wrong surface.


If you have ordered the wrong size or have what you believe to be a faulty or defective pair, please print and complete the RETURN & EXCHANGE FORM on the Returns page of our website (

Please ensure the boots are clean and dry when you return them. Please do not send your footwear back to us without a completed form. Once received, we’ll email you within 48 hours.


The following outlines some key pieces of information that we strongly recommend you digest and follow before lacing your boots up and venturing out in them for the very first time:

Match grade boots should NOT be worn as training boots. Match boots are typically made with softer and lighter materials making them prone to damage if overused. We feel a reasonable workload for match level boots is 1-2 wears per week.

All levels of footwear will inevitably show wear and tear. Football is played predominantly with the feet and it is to be reasonably expected that footwear will scratch and scuff during play. Please note, scratch and scuff marks on boots do not make them defective – this is simply genuine wear and tear.

As mentioned before, if your boots are predominantly worn on artificial turf they will generally experience a faster wear time. As such, we recommend a secondary pair of boots if you are playing on turf pitches more frequently than twice per week.

Factors such as an individuals’ gait, weight and foot type (wide or narrow ‘last’) will all have an impact on how your boots will perform. Whenever possible, we recommend you are fitted by a trained member of our staff, or if you are unsure that you make contact with us before purchasing online

Thanks again for choosing to purchase your footwear from Football Central – we hope you enjoy them!

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